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Attack on BJP chief JP Nadda’s convoy in West Bengal is worrying. But talks of revenge are equally deplorable. BJP and Trinamool Congress have excessively raised political heat. Bengal has suffered enough for decades from the culture of political violence. Time to end this tit-for-tat tradition, unbecoming of a democracy.

Nitish Kumar must convene Cabinet meeting at the earliest. Bihar is waiting for governance

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CM Nitish Kumar’s failure to convene a Cabinet meeting 25 days after taking oath bodes ill for Bihar. NDA leaders must immediately sort out their differences. Since model code of conduct came in force two-and-a-half months back, governance has been at a standstill in the state. Bihar deserves much better.

High time states listen to Centre on limiting RAT tests, excessive reliance has hurt them

It’s high time state governments listened to Centre on limiting rapid antigen tests for Covid. RT-PCR method isn’t as expensive now and states need to invest in ramping up capacity of labs. Using RAT as a substitute defeats the purpose as excessive reliance on them has only hurt many states.

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  1. As an honorary Bengali, Calcuttan for sure, would pray that the state maintains its communal harmony. That competing ideas for the ensuing Assembly election are centred on development, job creation, economic regeneration.

  2. Life has given a lot to CM Nitish Kumar. If coalition dharma endures, he has five years ahead of him in this familiar job. He might wish to do something worthwhile for the good people of one of India’s least prosperous states. Be remembered with a little affection and respect.

  3. Disclaimer: Not a political comment.

    “Attack on BJP chief JP Nadda’s convoy in West Bengal is worrying. But talks of revenge are equally deplorable”.
    In the first place I did not find words like deplorable etc. used in the mainstream media, when Nadda’s vehicle was criminally attacked. If the mainstream media had immediately and rightly condemned the attack in “BOLD LETTERS”, the desired message would have been conveyed immediately to the perpetrators, in the process possibly avoided a state of confrontation and talk of “revenge” etc…
    Here is where “We the People of India” feel the larger media has to step up.


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