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‘One Nation, One Address’ proposed by a group of ministers to PM Narendra Modi is a timely idea. Colossal people hours are wasted daily in searching nondescript addresses. It will make delivery of public and private services more efficient and create jobs, just like digital maps and GPS-based systems have.

Congress looks rudderless & disaster-prone. Gandhis must heed senior leaders voicing concern

Congress high command’s cussed refusal to acknowledge and address the crisis confronting the party is inexplicable and irrational. The party looks rudderless and disaster-prone. Senior leaders are right in pressing the panic button. The Gandhis must heed those voices of reason, instead of unleashing the ever-opportunistic loyalists to silence them.

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  1. The only reason so much newsprint – and its TV / online equivalent – is still being devoted to the affairs of the Congress is because it occupies a space that should remain healthy and vibrant in a democracy. All the more when the economy and most other domains are in distress. All one can say is that a Family which has profited so handsomely from decades in power is being extraordinarily avaricious and selfish. The entity happiest with this state of affairs – some would say rigor mortis – is the incumbent.

    • The real reason is that many of the so called journalists who are giving the Congress First Family so much of free publicity is because they have been active participants in the Congress gravy train, with Rajya Sabha tickets, Padma awards, bunglows, plots, foreign jaunts and of course the sheer power that comes with hob nobbing with such people etc. They want these things back.

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